Tin Cup

One of my earliest memories is of my grandfather working out by the barn on a hot summer day. He would occasionally stop and walk over to the hand pump by the basin we used to draw water for the cattle, grab an old tin cup that was there and pump the handle of the well pump, running the water until it was cold. He would then dip the cup in the stream of cold water filling it to overflowing and in one motion pull the cup out of the flow, tilt his head back and dump the water into his mouth and over his head. This ritual was repeated until he was both quenched and cool. Occasionally he would finish by dipping the tin cup in and quickly douse the closest grandchild with delightfully cold well water.

Grandpa's Cup.

I like to think this is Grandpa’s Cup, right where he left it last.

A few years ago I was back at the old farm and took some shots. I saw this image today and was instantly six years old again.

What a great day.

2 Comments on “Tin Cup

  1. Great picture – your reminiscing .. Made me think about about my days — on the farm .. Life was so uncomplicated – and yet so special.

  2. I accidentally jumped onto your blog while I was browsing through your linkedin profile. I liked your blog so much that I read all the entries one by one. Seriously good! How one can find joy and peace in small objects, engrossed in past memories, is simply beautiful. Totally, loved the picture. The object itself becomes living in nature. Awesome writing and great font selection 🙂 I feel like, I am communicating with a real human with emotions, not bots.

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