Nobska Point lighthouse – cape cod


I have wanted a shot of the Nobska Point Lighthouse from the bay side for some time but never really had good light at the right time of the day. This shot was taken a little after 12PM on a day with good light and low humidity with my Canon 5D Mk3 and EF70-200 using a 2x converter @ 400mm effective. I shot three images at roughly -2, 0 and +2 exposure because while the light was good there still was quite a range of shadows and highlights that I wanted to capture. It was a bit of a challenge shooting this from a moving boat and then getting the images aligned without ghosting. I processed in HDR using HDR Efex Pro 2 and pushed structure and saturation a bit more than normal. Finally, I took out some visitors that were sitting on the hill in front of the lighthouse using Photoshop. The sailboat in the foreground was an unexpected bonus. All in all a fun shot.

retired silo – chester, new york


The Warwick Valley has many old barns that are no longer in use. These artifacts reflect a lost age in rural farming in New York. Just a few decades ago every town in Upstate New York had several working dairy farms that served the locals and sold milk, butter and often cheese to the larger cities in New York and points south. I would say based on the size / age of the trees that this silo has not be used in over twenty years. If you look closely at the lower left of the image you will see an old chain-link fence, evidence that someone at some point cared enough to try to keep people away from their retired silo, but even that has passed with time.

I took this shot with my Canon GX1, which I have started carrying a lot instead of my 5DII, and I’m amazed at the quality image that it produces.



A sunny day on Martha’s Vineyard’s Norton Point in 2005, sitting under an umbrella watching the kids in the ocean. Direct and defused lighting made this an interesting shot. I converted to Black and White in Silver Efex Pro then cleaned up in Photoshop.

St. Thomas of Villanova Church, 2012

Villanova Church 2012

A beautiful structure by any measure. More can be found at: